Memorial Services May 25, 2013
(with some 2012 memorial day images)
Honoring the 8 fallen soldiers from Hero Street USA
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Frank Soliz Tres. H.S.M.C. Medal of Honor reception John Baker and Tony Soliz Pres. H.S.M.C..
At the Hero Street monument site on Hero Street USA.

Freedon Flights - 2012
Korean Veterans Joseph Gomez
Ret. US Air Force
Tony Soliz - Pres. H.S.M.C.
In Washington DC
  Lt. Col. R. Dix - US Army
Master Chief - Miguel Rodriguez - Great Lakes
Training Center
  Veterans Day 2012
Great Lakes IL.
All Chiefs and Engineers Specialist
  Tony Soliz Pres. H.S.M.C. and
Congresswoman Cheri Bustos
2013 Memorial Day
Memorial Day 2012
Key Speaker was Miguel Rodriguez
Memorial ceremony at the Hero Street Monument
  Members from the Great Lakes Naval
Training Center. Attending the ceremony. Also at
Hero Street Monument.
  Channel 4 newa reporter
at the Hero Street Monument
  Vetereans Day Ceremony
Members of the Great Lakes Training Center
Chief Raun Patino was the key speaker.
Attending: Mayor of Silvis Tom Conrad Illinois Senator Mike Jacobs Vietnam Vet. Captain Ray Hamilton Lt. Cdr. Bradley Cook stationed at the
R.I. Arsenal.
  A member of the Quad City Patriot Riders.   Members of the Quad City Freedom Riders
at The Hero Street Monument.
  The well known M.A.U.A. firing squad
This organization is always at military functions
throughout the state.
US Congresswoman Cheri Bustos
and Il. Senator Mike Jacobs
  Retired Captain Ray Hamilton from Port Byron IL.
was also a speaker at teh H.S.M.C. Ceremony
on Vereans Day
  Former State Senator Denny Jacobs
and Dispatch photgrapher.
  Lt. Cdr. Brooks and his daughter